We create and grow technology startups

Digital Horizon, a venture builder, changes traditional approach to solving problems in finance, retail, marketing, and media. Having wide industry experience and deep connections with strategic partners, we aim to fund and develop transformative ventures.

Digital Horizon explores market forces, social changes and technological developments, forming a precise vision of the future and then develops concepts that can deliver a new level of innovation. Most promising of those embark on a 6 months journey towards proving own worth as a product and subsequently become a fully-fledged business.

When it comes to accelerating external projects Digital Horizon adopts a bespoke programme approach to working together, thus addressing the specific needs of a team.

Targeting rapid growth

  • Concepts

    We research the needs of people and industries. There’s always a better way to do things. It’s our job to find those growth zones and create the solutions to harness the opportunity.

  • Infrastructure

    Delivery and development is what matters. We take care of the operational tasks that distract our startup teams.

  • Modular service

    Our operations and strategy services are tailored for each project, because we recognise the diversity of team’s own capabilities as well as business needs.

  • Networking

    We create meaningful partnerships and are especially well integrated into the technology and business communities in Russia, Israel, and the European Union.

  • Investments

    Our projects enjoy priority attention from the Digital Horizon Venture Fund and are shared into the investment pipelines of strategic partner funds.


Digital Horizon in-house specialists work alongside projects during business development, organisational structuring, marketing and investor relations to name a few.